Garage Door Position Reporting

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shoffman posted this 16 May 2016

I have a GD00Z-4 on each of my two garage door openers.  They had been working fine for 2 years and 1 year respectively but very recently I am no longer getting position reports from either door.  InControl still opens and closes them with no issue but without the position reporting none of my scenes work anymore.  Some of them are mere convenience scenes (tranqual waterfal running when I get home from work) but some are safety driven (turning on kitchen and hallway lights when luminance is below a certain level).  I've tried the following with no change:

Exclude/re-Include the device (including cycling the door to "Set" the tilt sensor)

Changed the batteries of the tilt sensor

Powered it off and back on again

re-paired the tilt sensor to the opener


As it stands right now...both doors report a "Barrier State" of 0 and it never seems to change from that.  Anyone run into this before?  I've enabled all the logging I can think of but not seeing anything more useful there...  Is there a debug mode to see if it's being missed by inControl or if the unit simply isn't sending that data?  I've opened up a case with Nortek but in my past dealings with them it could be a month before I hear back on this.  


Thanks in advance for any advice!


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rscott posted this 02 June 2016

Here's a release that should fix the problem. Let us know how it goes. Download version 4.1.5994.



megalo posted this 02 June 2016

The new build fixed the issue for me, thanks!

shoffman posted this 03 June 2016

Thanks Ryan!  This fixed the issue for me as well!!!  Walked into a nicely lit house late last night!