Help With Fibaro Flood Detector

  • Last Post 19 August 2018
monjod posted this 17 August 2018

I was having trouble getting the Fibaro flood sensor included in the network. Always says unable to add device. I have tried variations to the process, like waiting longer but no luck. If the device is not on the list of Axial supported devices, does that mean we don't know or know it won't work?

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rscott posted this 18 August 2018

That sensor works. I actually use it in my own home. You may try to do exclusion first so that it gets reset back to factory.

monjod posted this 19 August 2018

Yes, I did that and it is now included. I did the reset to factory (from the YouTube video), and it was added 1st time. Do you have it set as an alarm, or multi level sensor?  Either way I wasn't getting an alert when I had it in a small puddle, and it beeped.

rscott posted this 19 August 2018

You may need to wake it up and use the association button to set the USB stick as a group 1 association of the sensor.

After that, you would need to define what it does when water is detected. For example, you may create a scene that sends you a notification, then use a device trigger using the sensor to activate the scene.

monjod posted this 19 August 2018

That was it, I apparently had not activated it. Once I gave it the 3 toggles, it started giving the alert when it sensed water. Thanks again.