iOS 10 app available?

  • Last Post 05 January 2017
sysmg posted this 15 December 2016

Is there a version of the mobile app for iOS 10. Just got a phone upgrade and can't find the app to install.

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stbluesrul posted this 18 December 2016

I, too, just tried to download the app from the AppStore and it's no longer there.  I can see it in my previous purchases but when I try to download it from there I get "This item is no longer available."  Is it published under a different name now?

sysmg posted this 26 December 2016

I don't understand why two weeks after this was posted there is still no response from Axial Control.

The answer should be simple. It's either in the pipeline, not in our current plans or we are reviewing our options.

An iOS based client was a major selling point for Axial.

stbluesrul posted this 26 December 2016

Hey sysmg,  I just checked "My Purchases" and was able to download InControl again.

sysmg posted this 05 January 2017

Yes.  I was able to download too.  Got a warning from app store that the app needs to be updated for IOS 10 that app performance may be affected.  However the APP works fine, I don't notice any performance issues.