Module for monitoring freezers

  • Last Post 18 August 2018
jonnysax posted this 06 August 2018

So my dad just lost a 3y/o freezer full of meat and it got me thinking... anyone have a working module that will send temperature data to Axial?  Some problems I could see is a motion detector might not have the right operating temp or the range and i cant find any probed modules that are z-wave... 

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weidnerj posted this 07 August 2018

Not Zwave but something should work:



jonnysax posted this 07 August 2018

 I definately want something i can incorperate into my current z-wave system.  

nelis249 posted this 11 August 2018

How or why exactly did you lose the freezer? Power outage? Door open?

For temperation what about this?

Since the freezer is metal I wouldn't think a zwave device inside it would be idea due to possible interferance. That's what the external probe would be usefule for. You wouldn't have to use the on/off part of the funtctionality. This would cover all of the cases since if the temp lowered, something is wrong, etc...


If it was a power thing (breaker, freezer compressor stopped working etc...) then I would put a zwave plug on it and then set up a power low alert. Like if power < 5w for more than 1 day, then the freezer never turned on and there's a problem. I'd assume it would, at minimum, run once a day.

If the problem is the door was left open, this has hit me 2 times with my outdoor fridge. So what I did is put a trigger sensor on the door and then setup if the sensor is open for more than 5 minutes I get an alert. I used a sensor with an external magnet.

I had to use the external because when I had the senser right on the fridge it was getting interferance.


jonnysax posted this 16 August 2018

no, the technician that came said the compressor just croaked.  but those are good points.  I think i found a solution... I can purchase some cheap temperature relay modules on amazon, then instead of using the relay to power a heating or cooling unit, i can have it ativate the aux input on a door/window sensor, that way I can also use the door sensor to see if the door is left open.  Then if its out of temp range or the door is open, it will let me know via z-wave and i can address the issue.  

rscott posted this 16 August 2018

Where you do run the wire on the probe to get it inside the freezer without comprimising the seal on the freezer door?

nelis249 posted this 18 August 2018

To run wires inside a fridge I've just drilled a pin hole somewhere in the side (which is typically just insultation), insert the wire then seal with caulk.