Problem with android widget

  • Last Post 29 September 2018
misyogi posted this 23 September 2018

Hi, I have problem with widget. Android app (paid version) working properly but widgets don`t. When I press widget there is no action, after reboot on each widget there is text "device status text goes here". Any idea how solve this problem? This problem exist only on one tablet, On others devices works fine.

Greetings Michal

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rscott posted this 23 September 2018

What version of Android is on the tablet? 

misyogi posted this 24 September 2018

Android 6

rscott posted this 28 September 2018


I finally rounded up an Android 6 device, but I couldn't reproduce the problem. When you pull up the widget initially, do you get to choose from a list of devices? What happens if you add a scene widget; are you able to activate the scene using it?


misyogi posted this 29 September 2018

Yes I can put widget on home screen with proper scene name or status. But when I press widget button nothing happen.

After reboot - on the button instead of scene name appears "Scene" and instead of status appear "device status text goes here".

I try workaround problem by using tasker but albo its not working :( tasker can not run scenes or devices.

In Axial app scenes works without problems.... i have no idea where is problem:(