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arichter5 posted this 06 July 2020

I just moved to a new house.  Some of my devices made the move, others did not.  I also just purchased an updated z-wave usb stick.  I have the existing PC with InControl installed.  I would like to basically start over fresh.  What is the best way to get the InControl software back to it's initial state?  Ideally I'd like to keep the license info intact and wipe out all the existing devices, scenes, etc.



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nelis249 posted this 07 July 2020

You don't have your license key?  I would think a complete re-installation would be the best. Otherwise removing the devices one by one, including the scenes and what not. That seems like a pain.

weidnerj posted this 10 July 2020

If you haven't already started...


Stop the Incontrol Service.

[Might have to show hidden files] delete \programdata\zwave\zwave.sdf only.  That is the database of your devices.  When you start back up it will be fresh, yet you will still have your registry key (which is the other file, incontrol.key).

Put your USB Zwave device into exclusing mode (mine is hold the button down longer than inclusion mode) until it flashes faster than inclusion mode, and go around to each device and "pair" which in this case will basically turn each device to factory default.  You don't even have to use the same zwave master device, it could be any device that can do exclustion.  Once you get that done, then you can change from exclusion mode to inclusion mode and go around adding all your devices.


Good luck!

arichter5 posted this 20 July 2020

Thank you.