Z-UNO and Z- Wave Stick Gen 5 and Axial

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phil.a.bradshaw@gmail.com posted this 27 January 2019

I have a Z-Stick Gen5 running with Axial control. I have included a Yale lock succesfully and all works fine. But I cannot get a Z-UNO device to include. Any ideas?

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rscott posted this 27 January 2019

You might try to run an exclude procedure on it first so that it forces it to reset. After that, try to do the include again.

phil.a.bradshaw@gmail.com posted this 28 January 2019


I finally managed to get all fixed. However as a new person to the Z-Uno and Z-Wave, in general, I think the documentation could be a litte more explantory.

1   The Arduino IDE seems to have to be 1.6.5, is this the case, if so will an update be available to run it on current Arduino IDE's.

2   Whilst I guess its logical now, I found the parameters selected in the Tools section of Arduimo for the Z-UNO only take effect in the Z-UNO afer a new Burn Bootloader command is performed. I suspect that the main issue in not being able to include, was that the Z-UNO by default is probably set to the Russian frequency.

3   Can you explain the dirrenece between No security, S0 and S2.

4   Can you explain the function of Erase NVM.

5   Is the looging feature by the UART0 via the Arduino Serial monitor?

6   If logging by radio please can you explain how this operates?

phil.a.bradshaw@gmail.com posted this 29 January 2019

Opps most of these comments should actualluy have gone to Z-UNO