Scene Deletion Crashing Axial Control

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joey10e posted this 21 October 2017

Hi Everyone,

I have been having an issue with my Axial Control Software lately. The issue is when I try to delete a scene the program goes into a (not responding) mode and finally the toggle button on the bottom right automatically changes to offline and the scene does not delete. Here is what I have tried to fix the issue. I tried to run a repair on the program, fully uninstall and then re-install with the same results after these actions. The reason I am trying to delete a scene is becuase it seems like some of them have just stopped working after working great for a little while. Any insitgt or help on this issue would be great.


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joey10e posted this 21 October 2017

I think this might be part of the problem. This actually happened while I was removing a device from a scene.

Log File -

10/21/2017 2:24:37 PM: Error savingSceneDevice - System.TimeoutException

The request channel timed out while waiting for a reply after 00:01:00. Increase the timeout value passed to the call to Request or increase the SendTimeout value on the Binding. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.

The HTTP request to 'http://localhost:1178/zwave/removeSceneDevice' has exceeded the allotted timeout of 00:01:00. The time allotted to this operation may have been a portion of a longer timeout.

rscott posted this 22 October 2017

Are there any other errors in your log? Do other functions work in the software (such as turning lights on/off, creating new scenes, etc.)? 

You might go through and make sure you first delete triggers and conditions from the scene, then try deleting the scene again. 

joey10e posted this 23 October 2017

I don't see anything else in the log file that jumps out at me and everything else seems to work fine. I do notince that the log tab on certian scenes does not load or takes a very long time to load. I have tried removing everything from the scene and tried to delete it but I still have the same issues.

rscott posted this 26 October 2017

If you'd like, you can send your database to me so that I can attempt to reproduce it on my end. 

joey10e posted this 29 October 2017

I think that would be good. How do I get the database to you? I feel like it might be corupt becuase it seems like it is crashing all the time. Is there anything like a database repair utility out there for Axial Control?

rscott posted this 31 October 2017

This article talks about how to locate your Axial Server database. Once you've found it, you can "Send it to a compressed folder" and then attach that file to an email to our ticketing system (click "contact support", then attach the file with a note about what it is). 

MadSci posted this 16 January 2018

You guys ever figure out what the issue was?


I have the same problem for one of my scenes and I can not remove it. I can delete other scenes and remove all conditions/triggers/devices from the scene and rename the scene but no deletion. The one thing I can not do is view the log file for the scene which is really why I started down this path. The log file shows a timeout execption followed by an out of memory exception. I think it might be related to the log file for this scene since it never loads and I'm wondering if it got corrupted somehow and can't delete it.

joey10e posted this 22 January 2018

I think the fix was to run a new version of Axial Control. My Database was really large so I guess the new version was supposed to deal with that a lot better. I have not had any issues since. 

rscott posted this 22 January 2018

It's likely that your logs for that scene are so large that the DB preventing the delete from completing. Which version are you using MadSci?

MadSci posted this 26 January 2018

Ryan - I would agree with that as well. I'm on Where do I go to find the latest version these days?

rscott posted this 26 January 2018

Here's version 4.5.6516

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f0ggy987 posted this 26 January 2018

This seems as good a thread as any to post this:

I checked the size of my DB after reading this thread:

Axial seemed to be getting REALLY slow and I had some issues, like not being able to enable/disable scenes properly so I was curious if that might be the cause...

Well it turns out my database was 1.89Gb ! I forget which table it was now, but ones of the log ones had something like 50 million rows.

After following the instructions in that same thread to manually empty the log file tables and compacting the DB the file size shrank to 16.5Mb . Performance improved and the checkbox to enable & disable scenes started working again.

I was/am running version 4.1.6325 but the log pruning obviously wasn't working properly for me.

Hope this helps someone else.

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MadSci posted this 27 January 2018

Newer version with the database size control worked. Thanks Ryan.